HAPI Connect for Salesforce
Empower your hospitality sales and operations teams with real time, cleansed and enriched hotel PMS data
Trying to make Salesforce CRM work for hospitality sales and operations teams?
HAPI Connect for Salesforce bridges the gap between hotel PMS data and CRM.
Account Production
Stay and reservations data from your property management systems is aggregated and can be accessed directly from company records in Salesforce.
Data Synchronization
Reservations and Profile data is synchronized with Salesforce to enable CRM-related workflows.
Lead Generation
Generate leads for potential new corporate accounts based on stay and reservations data enhanced with missing company profiles.
The most complete source of hotel data
How Do We Do It?
With available connectors for major PMS systems in the hospitality industry, we have created a set of native Salesforce components to expose PMS data directly within your CRM.

All guest records are cleansed, normalized and enriched with publicly available company information based on guests' email addresses and phone numbers for accurate account production reporting and enhanced guest insights.

Smart data synchronization rules facilitate bi-directional flows of reservation, account and company records between PMS and CRM with support for large data volumes and high transaction throughput scenarios.
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Connected to industry's major systems
The Simplest Way to Start
Install the HAPI Connect for Salesforce AppExchange app
Coming soon...
Select your PMS system from a list of available connectors
Major PMSs are supported. Contact us to request a missing connector.
Configure Enrichment, Synchronization and Lead Generation settings
Additional enrichment service fees apply.

Featured PMS Connectors
Have another system to integrate? Please feel free to contact us.
Making Salesforce CRM relevant for the hospitality industry is the primary goal of this application. HAPI made possible what has been a major barrier to the use of Salesforce in this space - direct access to clean PMS data.
Nikolai Balba, CEO of Aquiva Labs Inc.
Make Salesforce CRM Work for Your Hotel Sales Team
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